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Above Ground Pools

Did you know that we can offer cost-effective above-ground pool installations thanks to Compass Pools MaxiRib™? Because of this, our pools can be installed almost ANYWHERE!


Often people who own homes on sloping sites think that means they can't be a swimming pool owner, but as design and technology has developed over the years it means that a swimming pool can be installed on alost any property. It just means that we have to get a little creative!

As you may know, lots of brands of Fibreglass Pools are limited to simple (flat) sites – because the pool needs to be fully in the ground to fully support the floor and walls. Compass Pools knew 20-years ago that they could provide a cost effective solution which would save pool buyers tens of thousands on having to undergo complex ground works or specially-engineered concrete pools. The Australian Design Award-Winning MaxiRib ™ system allows you to install a Compass Pool completely out of the ground!

There are three ways to install Compass Pools:

1. Fully in-ground ground

This is by far  the most common installation type.. If you have a flat site, this will usually always prove to be the most cost-effective option.

2. Patrially above ground and in-ground

On some properties, the design of your pool area might mean that your pool needs to be out of the ground up to 1000mm. The reasons that these situations sometimes occur is because you want your pool to meet the height of an existing deck, retaining wall or other design feature. In this case we may suggest a specialised out-of-ground coping beam or the specially engineered Maxi-Lite system to ensure your pool remains reliable and strong.

3. Fully above ground

Thanks to the Compass Pools MaxiRib system, there is no need to go through major earth works or build retaining walls in order to own a fully above ground pool. In most cases installing a Compass MaxiRib Pool will be more cost effective than the added earthworks/retaining or Concrete Pool alternatives.

Talk to us:

  • If you have a sloping site which will require some or all of your pool walls to be above ground level.

  • Need your pool to be partially out of ground for landscape design reasons.

  • Would like to include a vanishing edfe/infinity edge.

  • If you want your pool to be installed on a deck or patio area above natural ground level.

  • Want to install a pool close to a building.

  • Want windows in the wall of your pool.


Learn more about the benefits of owning a Compass Pool with the Vantage System:

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