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Cleaner, Safer, Healthier

A traditional pool designs use old fashioned methods of returning filtered water back to the pool through inlets near the surface. This means that the heat doesn't spread throughout the whole pool, and neither does the chemically treated water. The wind and sun quickly 'burn off' the heat and chemicals at the surface.


Tests show that conventionally heated pools use up to 50% more chemicals and 40% more energy than heated pools with in-floor systems.

Vantage system diagram | Pool HQ
Traditional pool diagram | Pool HQ

The 'burn off' of heat and chemicals at the surface is greatly reduced with a Vantage system, as Vantage returns treated water to the floor of your pool. This in turn means better management of chemical mixing, seriously reducing power consumption. Vantage acts as a solar heating system, resulting in reduced heating costs along with better maintenance of the waters temperature.


With the immediate paybacks in health and enjoyment, and the savings in operating costs, a Compass Vantage pool is your best investment.



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