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Compass Express Pools

Similar to container pools - but smarter!


The Compass Express range of pools are here to make sure you can enjoy a swimming pool in your own backyard, even if it is a smaller space which is harder to access. With the super-tough full-fibreglass construction, the structure is not supported by steel or wood which means no risk of rust or rot becoming a problem in the future. These cost-effective stunning pools are free standing pools come ready to place in your backyard - and look exactly like the ones you see in the ground!

Features and benefits:

  • Quick installation.

  • Express pools can arrive pre-plumbed, so all you need to do is fill it up, connect to a power source... then start swimming!

  • Minimal site works required.

  • These pools sit atop a 110mm thick reinforced concrete slab, they do not require extensive excavation or cumbersome engineering plans, so there's less hassle and logistics.

  • The strong fibreglass structure makes it is easier and more cost effective to transport and crane into place.

  • You can customise your pool to suit your design.

  • Compass Express pools come 'nude' so you can fully deck around them or clad the exterior to suit your design.

  • Bolt decking bearers directly onto the pool support structure. This means fewer decking posts and faster build times!

  • A unique freestanding fibreglass pool.

  • Pre-fabricated for faster installations.

  • Available in the Bi-luminite pool colour range.

  • Can be installed partially in-ground (up to 600mm).


Relax Range

Looking for your very own place to 'Relax' in your own backyard? The large entry steps provide a great place to sit and relax while still having plenty of space to float or play in the main plunge pool area.

Compass Express pool, Plunge Range | Pool HQ

Plunge Range

Small backyard? No problem! The Plunge range has all the features and benefits of a bigger pool, but fits into smaller spaces with ease.

Spa Range, Compass Express pools | Pool HQ

Spa Range

Transform your home with a Spa! These hard-wearing spas are made from fibreglass too, which means they can be exposed to sunlight and the outdoors for years with no discernible damage. 

Available in the Bi-Luminite Ceramic Colour Range


A multi-layer colour system combined with large reflective chips creates a 3D effect for water colours of unmatched depth and luminosity. These colours create an impressive and mesmerizing centerpiece for your backyard.

Compass Express Cladding | Pool HQ
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