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How Vantage compares

The three most common cleaning systems used in home swimming pools today are robotic cleaners, suction cleaners, and in-floor cleaning systems. When comparing these 3 types, there are other things to consider, beyond their obvious cleaning abilities.



Cleaning usually takes time. Your time. How long will you spend using each of these systems? Suction and robotic cleaners are semi-automatic cleaning systems. Once YOU have unpacked them, they need to be placed in the pool and connected to a suction point (suction cleaners) or connected to a power point (robotic cleaners). The whole process from unpacking, installing, and then removing your semi-automatic cleaning system will take at least 20 minutes of YOUR precious time, and that's on every single occasion. During the summer months, when you want to make the  most of your pool, this will be a daily task!


In-floor cleaning systems are the only truly effortless cleaning systems, because they are permanently installed, and operate automatically on a daily basis.

Vantage - time chart | Pool HQ


As well as your time, running a pool requires your hard-earned money. Pool running costs include electricity to run the pumps, along with chemicals to balance and sanitise the pool water. It definitely makes sense to consider both of these extra costs when comparing the 3 types of cleaning systems. Since each pool cleaning system operates differently, we've based electricity costs on achieving a standard turnover rate of pool water. It is generally accepted that healthy water should be turned over twice a day to achieve good filtration.


Once we've worked out the electricity costs, we're left with the chemical costs to consider. This again varies with each type of cleaning system. Only the in-floor cleaning system sucks water from both the skimmer box at the surface and the main drain on the floor and returns freshly sanitised water to the in-floor nozzles to achieve top-to-bottom circulation. This results in more effective sanitisation of the pool water with up to 50% LESS chemical costs.


But the biggest difference is cleaner, healthier water from Vantage circulation!

Vantage - runnning cost chart | Pool HQ

*estimates only

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