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Fast Lane

Fast lane sizes | Swimming pool | Pool HQ

This lap pool is designed for those who like to live life in the fast lane. This swimming pool is ideally suited for long, narrow blocks and serious swimmers with an urban lifestyle.


Designed for exercise, water therapy, sports training, fitness and fun.

  • An optional external entry step can be located at various points along fibreglass pool walls, as well as an internal step entry available in one corner only.

  • This ceramic composite fibreglass pool can be located as a free standing structure or traditionally installed.

  • Automatic temperature control with gas or electric heat pump options available for installation.

  • Optional colour-lock LED lighting system.

  • Longer than standard custom lengths available on request.

Fast lane diagram | swimming pool | Pool HQ
fast lane table.png
Fast lane | Swimming pool | Pool HQ | Compass pool


We have two beautiful colour ranges to choose from with our pools - The Bi-luminite Ceramic Range and the Vivid Ceramic Range. Click each colour to see what it looks like underwater.

Bi-luminite Ceramic Range

Vivid Ceramic Range

A multi-layer colour system combined with large reflective chips creates a 3D effect for water colours of unmatched depth and luminosity. These colours create an impressive and mesmerizing centerpiece for your backyard.

A clever combination of pigmented resin, glitter and Compass’ exclusive large reflective chips, the Vivid range creates a modern granite-effect finish.

Vercoe | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Beach | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Atlantic | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Pearl | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Sapphire | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Viridian | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Quartz | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Evolution | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Arctic Marine | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Ice Blue | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Grey Marble | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Royal Blue | Pool Colour | Pool HQ

Colour samples are a guide only. The final colour may vary slightly according to its surroundings and the unique manufacturing process. *Refer to the Compass Pools Australia manufacturer’s warranty for full details.

Click to see examples

Pacific | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
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