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Plunge Express Pool table | Pool HQ

Small backyard? No problem!


The Express pool Plunge range has all the features and benefits of a bigger pool, but fits into smaller spaces with ease. There are two sizes available in the Plunge range, and they are both extra deep! The wide bench on one side, and the step ledges on the other sides means kids (and you) can rest, adding an extra safety feature.

  • Freestanding fibreglass pool.

  • Your pool arrives pre-fabricated for faster installations.

  • Lightweight and easy to transport.

  • Available in the Bi-luminite pool colour range.

  • You can attach cladding directly to the pool frame to create your preferred exterior finish.

  • Can be installed partially in-ground (up to 600mm).

Variations in length, width and height may occur due to manufacturing tolerances and customer requirements. Allow a tolerance of +/- 1cm from external measurements.

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