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Why pick a Compass Pool?

Compass Pools are recognised across the world for being cleaner, safer and healthier to swim in, being more cost effective to own, easier to run, and of course wonderful to look at. Not only that but a Compass Pool only takes around 5-10 days to install meaning there won't be tradesmen working at your home for weeks or months.


For over 30-years, Compass have been pushing boundaries with cutting-edge technology... such as:


Vantage Self cleaning system

The Vantage system makes your pool easier to maintain and run. It's the minimum-effort option for keeping your pool healthy and clean and safe to swim in. Take away the hard work and just enjoy your pool instead!


Patented Ceramic technology for a stronger pool

Compass can offer you the added peace of mind that comes with patented Ceramic Composite technology. This technology enables us to offer a lifetime structural warranty on our pools.


Bi-luminite colour technology - for a better looking, longer lasting finish

With a Compass Pool you get access to the unique Bi-luminite pool colour range. This creates the beautiful 3D effect which makes your pool look so impressive. Only Compass can provide extended cosmetic protection with our ArmourShield™ technology.

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