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Self-cleaning pools

Imagine owning a swimming pool that saved you money, used less chemicals and CLEANED ITSELF!


No robot cleaners that inevitably end up getting tangled, no heavy suction cleaners to have to bother with each day – and a pool that looks like something straight out of a magazine.


When people buy a swimming pool, they have a vision of relaxing by the pool with family and friends. What they don’t tend to think about is the amount of work involved in keeping their pool clean and healthy to swim in. A typical swimming pool holds approximately 40,000 litres of water and for that water to remain clean and healthy, it has to be regularly circulated and must maintain the right chemical balance and sanitation levels. Unhealthy pool water can be the cause a number of health issues, such as earaches, illnesses and sore eyes, not to mention an ugly green pool! Without the correct technology and knowledge, people usually find that this takes all the fun out of owning a pool.


But.. we have the answer!


The Compass Pools Vantage operating system is a unique water circulation system designed to reduce chemical usage, eliminate cold spots and keep your pool clean of debris without the need for manual vacuuming, skimming the pool with a net or any other cleaning equipment like vacuums.

How the Vantage System cleans your pool

With more than 10,000 Compass Vantage pools in the ground, it's safe to say that we know the Compass Vantage operating system definitely works. 


You can see and feel the difference in a Compass Vantage pool. It's the complete package!

Pools are wonderfully relaxing and are great for people that want a low impact way to exercise. And for some, cleaning the pool is part of the fun. For everyone else, there's the easy life of the Vantage cleaning system.


Water needs to flow. It has to flow. When water stops moving it stagnates and becomes contaminated with bacteria and algae. The Compass Vantage system regularly circulates water like a mountain stream and constantly refreshes the water in your pool.


The other thing to consider is the sun. It ‘burns off ’ your valuable pool chemicals. Unlike conventional pool circulation systems, the Vantage system circulates your pool from top to bottom and back to the top again. All of the layers of the pool water are penetrated which means no ‘dead spots’ where algae and bacteria grow.  With Vantage you make dramatic savings on chemical usage while enjoying a cleaner, healthier pool.

Vantage system diagram | Compass Pool | Pool HQ

So, why would you love to own a vantage pool?

  • you don’t need a pool vacuum to clean your pool at all

  • Vantage is factory engineered into your custom made pool

  • it works under the principle ‘Set & Forget’. It keeps your pool water fresh and clean so you don’t need to worry about bacteria and algae.

  • A Vantage pool is 100% easier to own compared with a conventional/traditional pool

Learn more about the benefits of owning a Compass Pool with the Vantage System:

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