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The Sanctuary pool offers a modern geometric shape that will fit most backyards. There is ample space to take a dip while providing a full length bench and steps for relaxation and family fun.

Features and benefits:

  • Slip resistant floor & steps

  • Full length bench for kids or relaxation

  • Easy entry on both ends of the pool

  • Shallow to deep floor

  • Unobstructed swimming corridor



We have two beautiful colour ranges to choose from with our pools - The Bi-luminite Ceramic Range and the Vivid Ceramic Range. Click each colour to see what it looks like underwater.

Bi-luminite Ceramic Range

Vivid Ceramic Range

A multi-layer colour system combined with large reflective chips creates a 3D effect for water colours of unmatched depth and luminosity. These colours create an impressive and mesmerizing centerpiece for your backyard.

A clever combination of pigmented resin, glitter and Compass’ exclusive large reflective chips, the Vivid range creates a modern granite-effect finish.

Vercoe | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Beach | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Atlantic | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Pearl | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Sapphire | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Viridian | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Quartz | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Evolution | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Arctic Marine | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Ice Blue | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Grey Marble | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
Royal Blue | Pool Colour | Pool HQ

Colour samples are a guide only. The final colour may vary slightly according to its surroundings and the unique manufacturing process. *Refer to the Compass Pools Australia manufacturer’s warranty for full details.

Click to see examples

Pacific | Pool Colour | Pool HQ
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