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RRP: $12,490

Bundle: $10,990


  • Lockable Hardcover

  • Ozone water purification system

  • WIFI app for smart-phone control 

  • Chemical kit

  • Delivery and handover

The Tussock

Features and benefits

  • 2-3 person spa

  • 2180 x 1750 x 850mm

  • Single lounger

  • 786 litres filled

  • 50 sq ft filters

  • 4 x 3” rotational jets

  • 5 x 2” directional jets

  • 15 x 1” directional jets

Included in all spas are lockable hard insulated cover, ozone water purification system, wifi app for smart phone control, chemical kit, 15A plug & play, 2kw heater, touch screen controls, 3.25 kw max power, standard delivery and handover.

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